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4 years ago

Lipomatic vs vaser liposuction

Hi! I would like to know which technique is best lipomatic or vaser liposuction ? Some surgeons I have been I touch with tell that lipomatic has mor advantages than vaser. I considering to do second liposuction in same area (belly, lovehandle). Please help me. I m confused.

Procedure: Liposuction
Location: Gothenburg, ST - Sweden

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Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your excellent question. No liposuction technique has proven itself to be better than another and in most cases your results will vary more based on surgeon, not liposuction technique. Hope this helps.

Ralph Cozart
ASPS Surgeon

I use power assisted liposuction from Microaire corporation. Tumescent liposuction has traditionally been the gold standard, injecting saline with lidocaine with epinephrine. I don't think Vaser is superior, it is just expensive. When the Vaser representative tried to sell me a machine over 15 years ago, I would have had to pay a royalty fee to the Vaser company for each Vaser liposuction case that I would have done! Fortunately, they don't charge royalites now. I just don't Vaser has any more to offer, the real difference is the skill and experience of the plastic surgeon. Thanks!

Edward Domanskis

Actually, it is not the machine but the operator that is the most important to getting an excellent result. I have used almost all modalities.

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Benjamin Van Raalte

No machine or other technique has been proven to be better than standard tumescent liposuction. The surgeon is the one that uses the suction and thus choosing the surgeon is also important. In fact, one study comparing a highly marketed liposuction device not only did not prove the device to be better, but actually worse in terms of recovery and pain. Other devices have resulted in increased complications. The devices are, marketing devices rather than results devices. Surgeons will purchase and market that this is better, to help pay for the device. The devices may make it physically easier for the surgeon and thus some surgeons may need such a device.

Jon Harrell
ASPS Surgeon

Basically the technology offer some theoretical benefits in very selective cases but ultimately it is the skill and artistry of your surgeon that makes all the difference in the quality of the result. Tumescent style liposuction is the most commonly performed type of liposuction. The addition of ultrasound or laser will typically not make the results better. Best of Luck Dr Harrell


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