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4 years ago

Vagina Less Fat

Can you make a vagina less fat if so is getting a Vaginal Rejuvenation the way to go?

Procedure: Aesthetic Genital Plastic Surgery
Location: Baton Rouge, LA

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Karol Gutowski
ASPS Surgeon

If by making the "vagina less fat" you mean making the pubic area thinner, then it may be possible with liposuction. Most ASPS plastic surgeons can do this.

Frank Agullo
ASPS Surgeon
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The amount of fat volume can be reduced in the mons/pubic area and in the labia majora. If there is loose skin, a mons lift of labia majora reduction could be necessary. You are right, vaginal rejuvenation is the correct term for the group of surgeries used to modify the appearance of the vagina.

Curtis Wong
ASPS Surgeon

It really depends on what part is too 'fat'. There are different procedures for different areas but it is likely something can be done to help you achieve a better look. Invest in a consultation find out what the possibilities are.


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