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4 years ago

Cosmetic Face Surgery ?

Hello ! I want to have cosmetic face surgery and questions, help is much appreciated. (I’m a girl) , I wanted to have cosmetic surgery for my face specifically my jaw and chin/double chin area but do not know what it’s called or the cost. I wanted my jaw/chin to be more “out” or “sharp” , was wondering if I showed a surgeon a pic of someone else’s jawline, if it can work?

Procedure: Cosmetic Surgery
Location: Brickell, FL

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Suzanne Trott
ASPS Surgeon


Without seeing you in person I can’t tell you for sure, but It sounds like what you want would require a liposuction or more extensive submental fat removal and platysma plication and possibly a chin implant. That would be the least invasive procedure. If you have malocclusion (your bite is “off”) it could involve more extensive maxillofacial surgery, but I doubt it.

And yes, if you show the surgeon a picture of what you want, even though no guarantees can be made, that will help him in learning your goals and expectations

Karol Gutowski
ASPS Surgeon

Depending on your age, it may be better to wait until you are older. However, neck liposuction and Kybella injections may be an option. An in person evaluation is the best way to learn more. See examples here:

Steven Wallach
ASPS Surgeon
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Having cosmetic surgery is a personal choice. Improving your jawline sounds reasonable, but in order to determine what might be appropriate for you a consultation in person is necessary. Best of luck.

Michael Streitmann
ASPS Surgeon

You have so many good questions and unfortunately without seeing you it is hard to give you a specific answer. There are many options available for someone looking to change their chin and or jaw line. Ultherapy can tighten the skin around your neck. Kybella can decrease the fat under your neck. A neck lift can lift the area. A chin implant can extend the jaw line. Your best option is to contact a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area who can give you the best option for the facial issue you would like to correct.

Jon Harrell
ASPS Surgeon

It's best to be seen in person by a surgeon who can assess exactly what you want. Photos are helpful in establishing what you like aesthetically. Liposuction and/or facial implants may be of help to you. Best of Luck Dr Harrell


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