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2 years ago

Is this true about surgical liposuction?

A salon selling Strawberry Laser told me the following: Surgery completely removes the fat cells. When you do this, the body knows how many fat cells you’re supposed to have and simply replaces them and not necessarily in the same area. Meaning you will end up with random fat pockets. With our form of lipo, the fat cells are emptied but still remain there so the body doesn’t try to replace them.

Procedure: Liposuction
Location: melbourne, FL

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Karol Gutowski
ASPS Surgeon
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This is absolutely not true. The body has no way of knowing the number of fat cells it has. Liposuction does work - otherwise it would not have been one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures for the past 20 years.

Debra Johnson
ASPS Surgeon
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I call "bupkus" to this spa. Liposuction permanently removes fat! You need to watch your diet and exercise after liposuction, because if you gain weight it has to go somewhere....and if your primary fat storage areas have been removed by liposuction, the excess weight may appear elsewhere. I always tell a patient: if you weight 130 today and I remove 5 pounds of fat, then your goal is to weight 125 from now on. That's the best way to maximize the longevity of your result.

There are a lot of "devices" to reduce fat, like this Strawberry Laser, CoolSculpting, etc. Many of them work to a degree, but are far less predictable than liposuction. And there are some patients who see no change at all, which can be very frustrating to spend good money and get nothing.

Consult with a board-certfied plastic surgeon to get the best advice.

Tracy McCall
ASPS Surgeon

These people are lying. Run away. You can't trust them and they are after your money.

I really wish someone would report sham places like this to the board as they need to be shut down.

Suzanne Trott
ASPS Surgeon

Fat is a form of energy storage. A “calorie” is how the energy is measured. When you diet and exercise and work off more energy than is stored, your fat cells shrink. it Is true that liposuction works by removing fat cells completely but that’s a GOOD thing. Sometimes we have areas that won’t go away no matter how much we diet and work out (like “muffin top” or outer thighs) and that’s what liposuction is for.

Fat cells don’t multiply—they just get bigger. If you gain a lot of weight after a liposuction, the energy storage will try to go back to the same places, and then when those fat cells are full it will go elsewhere. It won’t make random “pouches.”

But a liposuction procedure should be combined with healthier eating and more exercise if possible so that the fat doesn’t “come back.”

I have never heard of Strawberry Liposuction but I would not recommend it. If you are looking at a cosmetic procedure, you need to see a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Nelson Castillo

Thank you for sharing your excellent question. I will politely disagree with your salon as liposuction permanently removes fat cells which can never be replaced. The ones that remain can grow and shrink as before but the body can not produce new fat cells. Your salon treatment offers limited/temporary results unless you remain calorically net zero, otherwise you will regain the fat very quickly. Hope this helps.

Jon Harrell
ASPS Surgeon

The information you were given is not accurate. Either they are misinformed or are misrepresenting the facts. Liposuction removes fat cells permanently and the body does not respond by manufacturing new fat cells. Best of Luck Dr Harrell

Adolfo Sesto
ASPS Int. Surgeon

Hello Willow. No that information is not true. The Liposuction procedure allows us to remove fat cells in certain areas, and these fat cells will not grow again anywhere in your body contour, neither your body need or will produce more. What happens is that the fat cells have the property of enlarging or shrinking their size, depending on your gain or lose of weight.

So after a Liposuction if you gain weight the ones left in other parts of your body , that haven't been suction ,will enlarge. There is no procedure to empty the fat cells, that is simply untrue.


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