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4 years ago

Bell’s palsy

Hello! I had a liposuction on my face and I after that I was diagnosed with a Bell’s palsy and a doctor said that it will get better in year without any treatment. It’s already 3 years after an injury and everything is the same. What do you recommend?

Procedure: Liposuction
Location: Almaty - Kazakhstan

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Susan Buenaventura
ASPS Surgeon
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Bells Palsy does tend to resolve over time. Liposuction in the facial area can certainly cause injury to the branches of the facial nerve so this could be another possible explanation. See your plastic surgeon for follow up, but it may be a permanent problem after three years. Perhaps consultation with a neurologist would also be appropriate to rule out other causes. Best wishes.

Edward Domanskis

That is very unusual and unfortunately, the facial nerve was probably damaged with the liposuction operation you had of the face and it is not Bell's palsy. It depends on where it was damaged if it would come back but if you have not noticed any return, then it may bever come back.

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Gregory Dowbak
ASPS Surgeon

Zdrast! Moshno buits ya morguuy dats vam nomouch. Pusheeta menya.


Jon Harrell
ASPS Surgeon

If the facial weakness occurred immediately after the surgery then it would likely be surgical trauma that caused the problem. If not, then Bell's Palsy would be a reasonable diagnosis. After three years there is little likelihood of seeing any improvement. Depending upon the severity, physical therapy and occasionally surgery may be of some help. Best of Luck Dr Harrell


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