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7 months ago
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Can I still be safe under monitored care or twilight anesthesia during rhinoplasty?

My biggest concern about rhinoplasty is surgery&anesthesia since complications can arise. The records say I had general anesthesia through an IV when my wisdom teeth were removed. Since I had a good experience with that & no nausea I was wondering if this is a safe option for rhinoplasty? I don't have a family history of MH or any reactions but dont want to take any risks.

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Nelson Castillo Atlanta, GA
7 months ago
ASPS Surgeon

Thank you for sharing your question. Some surgeons do perform rhinoplasties under local and MAC anesthesia and this is something you can ask your surgeon as a specific aspect of your operation. Best wishes!

Mario Carranza-Garcia Monterrey, N.L. - Mexico
7 months ago
ASPS Int. Surgeon

the best anesthesia for this it is the general without a doubt and more secure because the bleeding from the nose

cannot go to the traque and youre surgeon will be at ease in the execution of the rhinoplasty.

best regards


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