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3 months ago
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Surgery for a patient on Suboxone

Greetings! I was wondering how surgery is done medicinally for a patient on suboxone. Does it affect the anesthesia and how the doctor helps the patient deal with pain following surgery?

Would anyone recommend that the patient try to decrease their daily dose of suboxone as much as possible prior to surgery to help deal with the pain of surgery?

Thank you,

Whitney- over 2.5 years clean

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J. Gerald Minniti Beverly Hills, CA
3 months ago
ASPS Surgeon

I have not had a problem with post op pain in patients who take suboxone. Usually, just skipping one dose prior to surgery is enough time to allow levels of this partial agonist drug to diminish. Starting the drug again is usually the next day.

Rahul Vemula Wall Township, NJ
3 months ago
ASPS Surgeon
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Thanks for this question. I have operated on many patients with complex pain management regimens. I always work very closely with my patient's pain management doctors in order to come up with a game plan for post operative pain control prior to undergoing for surgery. Best wishes!


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