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Breast Augmentation


Traci horning Norwalk, OH
7 months ago

How much would a breast implants be

Shashidhar Kusuma, MD Plantation, FL
7 months ago

Hello Traci,

Pricing for services are very geographic in nature. They also reflect the type of practice. For example, there are surgical centers in big cities that offer breast augmentation for $3000. However, in such centers, someone sees the patient, someone else operates, someone else follows up etc. etc. Many times, there are specials that many offices offer at different times of the year. But on average, it is best to check the ASPS website for average pricing in your geographic area. I would recommend consulting with an ASPS board certified surgeon and make sure that you feel comfortable with the office, the surgeon, the plan, the price. It is very important to build trust with the care provider, the office staff and generally the entire package and long term follow up.

The average price around the country generally is around $5000 for most reputable offices.

Steven Wallach, MD New York, NY
7 months ago

The fee for a breast augmentation will vary from surgeon to surgeon and in different regions of the country. Your best to find a good surgeon first and then review the cost. I would caution you to look for “the best price”., because that may cost you more money in the end.

Jack Peterson, MD Topeka, KS
7 months ago

Thank you for your question. Pricing will vary depending on area of the country, surgeon experience and most importantly, the type and style of implant you choose with the recommendation of your physician to achieve the results you want.

In the midwest, I would suggest you are likely going to see pricing the $5000 to $8000 range. If you are calling, make sure you are comparing exactly the same thing: does the price include all expenses, ( surgeon, hospital, anesthesia, compression, follow ups, warranty etc) and what implants are you choosing ( saline, silicone, shaped, etc)

Anne Taylor, MD, MPH Worthington, OH
7 months ago

Hi Traci,

Pricing for breast augmentation varies by region, but in Ohio I would place the ball park around $7000- $9000-- for the total cost, including implants , and OR fees. I would suggest that shopping on price alone for surgery can backfire-- I would decide based on the expertise of the surgeon. Breast Wishes!

Jon Ver Halen, MD Colleyville, TX
7 months ago

Dear Traci,

Hello and thank you for your excellent question. I suggest that you call a number of offices in your area to ask about pricing, as breast augmentation pricing varies depending on where you are located. It is best to answer your question during a face-to-face evaluation, when you can discuss your goals and expectations for the procedure, and you can have a physical examination to evaluate for that procedure. I recommend that you find a board-certified, or board-eligible plastic surgeon with whom you are comfortable. Be sure to have all of your questions answered during a face-to-face meeting with your surgeon, and review before and after pictures of similar patients whom have had this procedure. If you have any questions, call our office for assistance. Good luck!

The cost of breast augmentation surgery will vary greatly in different parts of the country. If there is one thing I try to convey to my patients is that all surgical "quotes" are not the same. Many offices will advertise a price that appears very low, but that price is only referring to the surgeon's fees. Every breast augmentation price quote has multiple components: 1. surgeon's fees, 2. anesthesia fees, 3. facility fees, 4. breast implant fees, and 5. extra fees such as garments and cosmetic insurance. I am near Chicago and the average all-inclusive price of a breast augmentation is probably between $6000-7000 depending on saline or silicone implants. There will be surgeons who charge less, and surgeons who charge A LOT more. Beware of the extremes. The lowest price might not be the safest choice, and the highest price is just gouging and taking advantage of people. Best wishes!

Richard Greco, MD Savannah, GA
7 months ago

You are asking an excellent question - What should a breast augmentation cost? This is very similar to what does a Hotel Room Cost?

If you stay at a Motel 6 the price is a lot less than the Ritz Carlton - and so will be your experience.

There are surgery factories where you never even meet your surgeon. And that surgeon may or may not be a trained Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. You could visit one of the leading national educators or Key Opinion Leader for the implant manufacturers whom you might expect to have a smoother experience and a result specifically designed for your body type, breast shape and size, and meets your expectations.

In addition, the costs of the implants differ significantly if you choose a Saline implant versus a Form Stable Silicone implant. During your consultation, the Plastic Surgeon will discuss the different types of implants available for you and what might be the best value for you. Experience saves you a lot over the long run.

Michael Law, MD Raleigh, NC
7 months ago

The price for breast augmentation, like most surgeries will vary. I have seen surgery at prices so low, it could not possibly cover the cost. I wonder if this is a bait and switch situation, or if some processes critical to patient safety are being overlooked.

The following are some very basic hard costs

OR Fees: This includes all OR staff and supplies. The facility should be accredited by The Joint Commission, AAAASF, or both. Anesthesia - Not all physicians elect to use a board-certified MD anesthesiologist for their cases. I do. It is the safest option and what I would want for my own family.

The most expensive plastic surgeon may not be the best, but the least expensive could be more costly in the long run. Check credentials and look at many, many photos before selecting the plastic surgeon who is right for you.


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