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8 months ago

V to Y Lip advancement

Please help! I had an lip reduction and I hate it. I would like to potentially reverse it as much as possible. When I smile my top lip is tight and tapers in and does not curl up instead it curls under and is flat. I need the VY lip advancement performed to curl my lip back up and give me fullness again. I was referred to check out oral surgeons but I’m just not getting any luck.

Procedure: Lip Augmentation / Enhancement
Type: Question

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Mario Carranza-Garcia
ASPS Int. Surgeon

need to see the problem to give a good opinion and the fees

Ralph Rosato
ASPS Surgeon

Without photos it is not possible to answer your question. Most lip lifts are done with an incision under the nose. A

V to Y advancement of the inside of the lip will not reverse the lip lift. I would caution doing surgery too soon after the lip lift. There are many fine plastic surgeons in Dallas. I would seek their consultation to discuss your aptions.


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