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V to Y Lip advancement

Please help! I had an lip reduction and I hate it. I would like to potentially reverse it as much as possible. When I smile my top lip is tight and tapers in and does not curl up instead it curls under and is flat. I need the VY lip advancement performed to curl my lip back up and give me fullness again. I was referred to check out oral surgeons but I’m just not getting any luck.

complicatedlips dallas, TX
15 days ago

Category: Lip Augmentation / Enhancement

Mario Carranza-Garcia, MD Monterrey, N.L. - Mexico
15 days ago

need to see the problem to give a good opinion and the fees

Ralph Rosato, MD Vero Beach, FL
12 days ago

Without photos it is not possible to answer your question. Most lip lifts are done with an incision under the nose. A

V to Y advancement of the inside of the lip will not reverse the lip lift. I would caution doing surgery too soon after the lip lift. There are many fine plastic surgeons in Dallas. I would seek their consultation to discuss your aptions.


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