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2 months ago
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Mini face lift

Hi. I am 30 years old. In the past 5 months i ve been suffering from saggy skin especiallly in arms and neck. This following a trauma i had after rhinoplasty. I didnt lose too much weight maybe 2 kgs and was always very slim . However my arms now hang loosely and so does my neck as you can see from the pictures. This is depressing me a lot . What can i so to fix at last my neck and arms. Was thin

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J. Mel Stewart Fayetteville, GA
2 months ago
ASPS Surgeon

Often the area you are concerned with can be treated non surgically. If surgery is necessary, it is usually not very invasive.

Please make an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns.

Farid Mozaffari San Diego, CA
2 months ago
ASPS Surgeon

It is difficult to say for sure looking at the pictures posted, but from what I can see, I do not think you need surgery to address your concerns. Perhaps a skin tightening minimally invasive or non-invasive procedure would be enough to get you the results you are looking for. Surgery such a neck/facelift would be the gold standard, but at 30 years of age, I think it's too soon for you to undergo that. It would be best to consult with a local board certified plastic surgeon to find out about all of your options.

Daniel Hatef Nashville, TN
2 months ago
ASPS Surgeon

Hi JGrant, thanks for your question. I don't think that it's associated with any trauma or your rhinoplasty. It's just getting older and having more neck laxity. In my practice, I'm getting good results with something called "FaceTite". It's where we deliver radiofrequency energy to the soft tissues inside your neck, as well as the skin. Then, following this up with filler along the jawline, helps to restore a more youthful jawline, and make that skin on your neck less saggy. Talk to at least one good board certified plastic surgeon in consultation. Good luck in your journey.

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