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8 days ago
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My boobs are still numb after 2 years

I took 215 cc gel breast implants two years ago, the skin on both my boobs still feel numb, and the sensation is reduced, will it ever return? On my right boob it feel’s like the gel inside the implant is moving when I press it. it’s a wired sensation and I don’t get this feeling on the left side , could this be Because I have more fat on the left side ?

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Samir Shureih Columbia, MD
8 days ago
ASPS Surgeon

Surgery on the breast, including breast augmentation, can interfere with sensation, lactation and mammogram.

The different feel in the breasts may need an examination and may be an MRI to make a proper diagnosis and plan if needed.

Nelson Castillo Atlanta, GA
7 days ago
ASPS Surgeon

Thank you for sharing your question. If this has been going on for now over two years, it is unlikely that the sensation will return, sorry to say. Some patients have a return with removal of implants but this should be the last resort option.


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