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10 days ago
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I just want the best, safest results

ok so i would like to know ... which procedure will give me the best results of a BBL. Airsculpting, traditional surgery or any other ideas... i dont care about cost, pain, i just want to feel good..

So a second question.. i was going to do air sculpting, but i want dramatic results.honestly.. would i get what i wanted that way?

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Stephania Torres Pastrana y Rivera Mexico, CDMX - Mexico
10 days ago
ASPS Int. Surgeon

Hello Dear Sandy. I would suggest a liposculpture with ultrasound assisted technology . However flaccidity can persist in your abdomen and further on you might need a tummy tuck . Warm regards

Sukhbir Singh New Delhi, AR - India
10 days ago
ASPS Int. Surgeon

hi sandy, u definitely require liposuction 360 degrees along with tummy tuck and transfer of fat to your buttocks (BBL) to give u the best possible results. regards

Wendell Perry Hollywood, FL
9 days ago
ASPS Surgeon

Air sculpting is a reciprocating handpiece that does some of the work for you as opposed to traditional liposuction. This is similar to the common micro air machine. I don't think it's really the machine that determines a result. The machine does do more undermining rapidly and undermining is a part of making the skin contract. This can be done with traditional liposuction also with just more work. So I think the reality is it's a work in, work out kind of situation. The more effort you put into the liposuction more detailed you are better the results can be. The key to good results with liposuction is making sure you leave an even layer fat and human affect the skin well enough to make the skin contract. I use a handpiece that is similar to the air sculpt which is euromi but I don't think the handpiece determines how good the result will be. If you look on my website and go to the video section there is a video labeled liposuction's about the skin that goes over these ideas.

Adolfo Sesto Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic
6 days ago
ASPS Int. Surgeon

Hello Sandy. Sorry but you are not candidate for Liposculpture and BBL alone. You are candidate for Tummy Tuck with Liposculpture and BBL, if you have a good BMI level. Lipo alone will not thight your abdominal muscles, neither will remove the excessive skin and fat from it. As for the lipo technique, the best is the traditional because it maintain the integrity of the fat cell (adyposite) and allows it to survive in the receptor area.


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