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10 days ago
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Can I have hair transplanted into an area that still has remaining hair

Hi, I am 20 years old with a Norwood 3.5 with thinning and want to have my hairline restored to a Norwood 2, obviously my corners need to be filled but I would like to have new hair put in my middle peninsula to compensate for the thinning and to ensure that I would still have coverage once my original peninsula falls out, can this be done without a high risk of complications?

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Farid Mozaffari San Diego, CA
9 days ago
ASPS Surgeon

Yes. Not only this is possible, but it is routinely done. The goal is to restore hair that has been lost and also restore the fullness to areas that have started to thin out. After hair transplant some of the surrounding hair follicles can go into what is called 'shock loss' and stop growing for a few months before returning. Injection of PRP can prevent or lessen shock-loss.

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Nelson Castillo Atlanta, GA
8 days ago
ASPS Surgeon

Thank you or sharing your question. Yes this is commonly performed as part of a transplantation.

İlhan Serdaroğlu Suadiye/Kadıköy/İstanbul - Turkey
2 days ago
ASPS Int. Surgeon

Yes, this can be done almost without any high risk of complications. FUE hair transplant can be an option for forehead reduction, correcting receding hair line and asymmetry on your frontal hair line/forelock. You would achieve the desired hairline in just one session of dense packing hair transplant.


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