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2 months ago

Bad Profile

When I was younger I had a very defined jaw line and now I'm 30 and it looks like this! I don't know how it happened - what can be done about my profile? Also considering rhinoplasty, but it's all difficult to visualize for me.

Procedure: Chin Surgery
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David Rapaport
ASPS Surgeon
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Hi LadyBelle,

This is a relatively common problem, and many people start to notice these kinds of changes as they age. It appears that you do not have very good definition between the border of your jawline and your neck. This may well be caused by a small relative excess of fat in your neck. You would be amazed at how little fat it takes in that area to cause this kind of problem. The great thing is that liposuction, which can be done under local anesthesia and with very small pokes, has the potential to really improve your situation. I suggest you reach out to a local board-certified plastic surgeon near you with whom you could schedule a consultation, during which you could also discuss any concerns you have about your nose.

Thank you for your question, and I wish your luck in your journey!


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