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4 days ago
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I have a lump on my areola

I had a surgery almost 2 weeks ago and I seem to have a lump on my right areola and on the stitches of the lump seem to have come off I can see “flesh” (I can see what’s in between my areole and my breast.

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Dimitrios Karypidis Athens - Greece
4 days ago
ASPS Int. Surgeon

This looks like a 'lolipop' breast lift (mastopexy). Many times the nipple areola complex NAC needs time to take its final, more natural shape and size. Actually, during surgery, we place the NAC in a way that will progressively change in a more 'expected' way and this may look a bit odd in the early postoperative period. This will change slowly as the breast and the skin heal and 'fluff'. The exact type of surgery e.g. breast lift with or without augmentation, vertical or Wise pattern etc also play a role. Having said that, it is always required to visit your PS to evaluate your condition and offer you advice.

Nelson Castillo Atlanta, GA
3 days ago
ASPS Surgeon

Although the flesh between skin edges can not be seen in your photographs I would recommend seeing your surgeon in-person so that they can provide you the relevant information on continued incision care.


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