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4 days ago
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Using peroxide

I had my implants replaced and a lift done June 5, a week after I had drainage on one side my dr removed a couple stitches to let it drain. culture came back positive as staph, and he said I had a small hematoma, Finished my antibiotics and he’s had me doing hydrogen peroxide and betadine 2 times a day. Will the hydrogen peroxide keep it from healing? It still looks open.

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James Chappell Annapolis, MD
3 days ago
ASPS Surgeon

Peroxide and Betadine fight infection but they also inhibit healing. Your surgeon knows you best. From a hypothetical standpoint if there is no longer infection I personally recommend hydrogel, Silvasorb or a calcium alginate dressing. But I cannot say what I would do in your case as I do not know you. Best of luck to you.

Nelson Castillo Atlanta, GA
3 days ago
ASPS Surgeon

Thank you for sharing your question. Without seeing your wound it is difficult to say what would be the best treatment so I would follow your surgeon's advice.


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