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3 days ago
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Doubt between two rhinoplasty options (photo with angular lens, which exaggerates slightly)

I want to straighten my nose.

I have consulted two specialists. One advises me to straighten it by breaking nasal bone without touching nasal cartilage; and the other advises me to do it modifying nasal cartilage.

Which could be the best option if I don't want to change my nose's aesthetics?


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McKay McKinnon Chicago, IL
ASPS Surgeon

Your nose is crooked in the middle third and in the tip. This usually means that the septal cartilage is deviated. To achieve a straight nose, this entails a revision of at least the septal cartilage. I am not sure what you mean by the expression of "not changing the nasal aesthetic". If you like your nose, do not have surgery. If you wish to have a straight nose, the cartilage needs changing.

M. McKinnon, M.D.

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Mauro Tarallo Rome - Italy
ASPS Int. Surgeon

Your nose is deviated, so, i'm afraid you will need some cartilage work to make it straight; difficult to understand because a surgeon (a plastic surgeon?) told you just to break the nasal bones widouth touching the cartilage.


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