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one month ago

Hard uncomfortable lower abdomen bulge after TT

Picture wouldn't load. I keep insisting it's fat not removed. Hearing it's muscle. Not muscle. Heard visceral fat. I'm at 8%. Heard it's your age. It's extremely hard!! Gets harder as I eat. No room. Unpinchable. Been to 2 PS. One did a flankplasty.

Not resolved. Actually worse. Something's not right. Not norm. Picture loaded up side down????

Procedure: Tummy Tuck
Type: Question

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Sheldon Lincenberg
ASPS Surgeon

The lower abdominal bulging occurs below the belly button because one of the oblique muscle layers changes position. To explain this anatomically, the transverses abdomens pulls across the belly beneath the rectus muscle above the level of the belly button, but below the belly it puts across the abdomen on top of the rectus muscles. In my experience, there are some people that suffer from a lower bulge because of this whereas other people do not. The only procedure that has been able to correct this is one that adds a layer of strength beneath the rectus muscles by sewing in a long-lasting graft material. If you are interested, I can tell you more or send you a reference to read about it. Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg Atlanta, GA

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Jose Luis Daza Flores
ASPS Int. Surgeon


It usually happens with regular TT. It is fat tissue and you will probably need a liposculputure to inprove the results.


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