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No definition in neck

Stephanie Massapequa, NY
5 months ago

My whole life I have had no definition in my neck/jawline. I always look heavier then I am. I don't know if i need a chin implant, neck lift or liposuction. Just need some advice.

Andre Levesque, MD Austin, TX
5 months ago

Thank you for your question.

It is tough to give any advice without an in person exam or at least photos. Liposuction can certainly be useful to decrease excess fat in the neck and help define the jawline as long as there is no skin laxity or excess skin. Sometime kybella can be useful for this as well. A neck lift is typically needed when there is some laxity of the skin that we all develop to some extent as we age.

I do recommend using the ASPS website to find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area for an in person examination .

Best Dr. L

Mario Carranza-Garcia, MD Monterrey, N.L. - Mexico
5 months ago

maybe you need the tree of them to get a good result .

i cannot answer unti i see you

Debra Johnson, MD Sacramento, CA
5 months ago

There are definitely options to correct your problem. Lack of definition to the neck/jawline can be due to a small mandible (lower jaw bone), skin laxity, or excess fat in the jowl and/or under the chin. Treatments depend on your specific issues and age. Please use the Find-a-Surgeon tool to locate an ASPS member board-certified plastic surgeon near you to discuss your concerns and get your options.

Steven Wallach, MD New York, NY
5 months ago

You would have to be seen in person to determine what you might need. A chin implant, filler, or a neck lift may be necessary

As many others have said an examination would be required to determine exactly how to address your concerns. The good news is that there are some fantastic new ways avaliable to correct the issues you have pointed out. The neck/ face lift as developed by Dr. Jacono is just one ( ). Consider seeking out a ASPS member in your area that is familar with these techniques. Best,

Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

Stephanie thank you for your question. You are not alone. I as well as many of my colleagues have made many people happy eith the procedures to fix the defination of your neck. Small jaw bones are best augmented with a chin implant. Fat under the neck responds very well to Liposculpture liposuction. If there is saggy skin a neck lift will improve it. See a board certified Asaps plastic surgeon. Vectra 3 dimensional imaging may help you realize the possible improvements with careful delicate conservative plastic surgery. Good luck.

Darren Smith, MD New York, NY
5 months ago

Hi Stephanie - thank you for your question. Your issue is most likely caused by excess soft tissue relative to the amount of structural support it has. Soft tissue includes things like skin, fat and muscle. Bone (in this case your lower jaw, or "mandible") provides support for this soft tissue. Whether you have too much soft tissue or too little boney support can only be determined in an in-person consultation. If too much soft tissue is the issue, the question becomes "what kind of tissue is there too much of." If fat, liposuction is the answer. If skin or muscle, a necklift may be appropriate. If your boney support is insufficient, a chin implant might be appropriate. Of course, these procedures can be combined as necessary based on your individual anatomy. I hope this helps! - Dr. Smith

Nelson Castillo, MD Atlanta, GA
5 months ago

All of those options, as well as dermal filler use, can help strengthen the jawline and chin. I would recommend seeing a series of surgeons in consultation to discuss the best options for you after an in-person examination.

Richard Greco, MD Savannah, GA
5 months ago

Lack of Definition of the Neck can be caused by many things. An examination by one of our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon can help diagnose the problem and offer the solutions.

Small chin - chin implant or Chin advancement

Full Neck - Liposuction, Direct excision, Kybella, or Cool Sculpting

Loose skin - Neck lift or Direct skin excision


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