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Breast Reduction

Reduction and Lift

MaggyMay Las Vegas, NV
4 months ago

I'm currently a droopy 32c and I'm looking go down to a perky 32a. Is this possible? If so, how would the procedure be done? What would the approximate cost be? Thank you in advance for your answers!

Steven Wallach, MD New York, NY
4 months ago

A lift and reduction can be performed. However I would say to try to get to and A cop would be very difficult. It might jeopardize the viability of the nipple areolar complex and it may be difficult to obtain a nice shape for you without any real breast volume left.

Sutton Graham, II, MD Greenville, SC
4 months ago

That's a very common concern. Breast reduction is your solution. The procedure consists of lifting the droopy breast tissue and raising the nipple, while reducing the amount of heavy excess gland and fat. The result is a smaller, more compact breast. Perkiness often depends on the consistency of your natural breast tissue, and implants are not usually used. Scars are necessary, but are positioned low on the breast and fade over time. You can see the before and after results on most plastic surgeon's websites. Surgeon's offices in your area will be able to give you full cost information by phone. In our area inclusive costs are less than $8,000 (surgeon, facility, anesthesia, pathology). Health insurance does not apply for these procedures.

Mario Carranza-Garcia, MD Monterrey, N.L. - Mexico
4 months ago

it can be done ut we need to see you even in a photograph

woul be better

Trent Douglas, MD San Diego, CA
4 months ago

Thank you for your question and doing your homework with ASPS member surgeons. Reducing the size of your breast while lifting and removing the excess droopy skin can provide a very gratifying result. It is always best to have an in-person consultation with an experienced ASPS member surgeon to develop a treatment plan that is best suited to your individual body, breast size, aesthetic goals, and budget. In our area, this procedure runs about $8000. Best wishes on a great result and speedy recovery!

Matthew Camp, MD Minnetonka, MN
4 months ago

A breast lift can give you the breast shape you desire. This entails tightening the skin, and removing excess skin from the breast, as well as reshaping the underlying tissues. There are scars involved. One scar surrounds the areola, and another goes down from the areola to the fold under the breast. Going down to an A cup is fairly extreme, with danger to the blood supply and nerves of the nipple/areola complex. A B cup is more realistic. Just be frank with your surgeon so they can give you the result you desire. Have a great day!

J. Gerald Minniti, MD Beverly Hills, CA
4 months ago

Using bra cups sizes as a metric for measuring breast size is very inaccurate. This is due to the non-standardization of bras in the industry, leading to significant variability, and the subjective nature of wearing a bra leading to personal feelings of 'proper fit'. Your question suggests you would like high and tight breasts, but currently have fuller, sagging breasts. I think it can be safe to say that you would be very satisfied with a reduction and lift, which would create not only a substantially smaller breast, but also one that is tighter and much less sagging. Go visit a few breast surgery specialists. Best of luck!

Nelson Castillo, MD Atlanta, GA
4 months ago

Thank you for sharing your excellent question. It may be difficult to get to an "A" cup unless much of your breast volume is skin, but a nice improvement in the sagging and shape of the breast can be accomplished.

Edward Domanskis, MD Newport Beach, CA
4 months ago

Yes, I could do that. It would really dep[end on what you look like and exactly what you want to go down to. I suggest you send photos and we could set up a FACETIME/What's Up video call. The cost would vary depending on what I would do but be between $4500 and 8500.

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Orna Fisher, MD Palo Alto, CA
4 months ago

Although exact cup size can’t be guaranteed, a breast lift or breast reduction is certainly possible. The technique depends on how much breast tissue versus excess skin you have, and the current position of your nipples. A more specific discussion would be based on your particular anatomy and would be had at your consultation. Cost may vary based on technique used and where you have your surgery done. In Las Vegas, my practice charges within the range of $6700-$7200.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD, FACS Atlanta, GA
4 months ago

Your best surgery would be a breast reduction to remove the excess tissue and a breast lift to tighten the breast and raise the nipple higher. Surgery is done with an incision around the nipple and then down to the crease. Excess tissue is removed and the breast tightened, the nipple lifted and excess skin removed. Costs vary by area so see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to find out what you can expect to pay. Depending on your goals and your shape, it might not be possible to reach a small A cup but a medium to small B may be just fine.

Jon Ver Halen, MD Colleyville, TX
4 months ago

Dear Maggy,

Hello and thank you for your excellent question. It is best to answer your question during a face-to-face evaluation, when you can discuss your goals and expectations for the procedure, and you can have a physical examination to evaluate for that procedure. Based on your description, I think that your goals are reasonable. I recommend that you find a board-certified, or board-eligible plastic surgeon with whom you are comfortable. Be sure to have all of your questions answered during a face-to-face meeting with your surgeon, and review before and after pictures of similar patients whom have had this procedure. If you have any questions, call our office for assistance. Good luck!


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