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Lip Augmentation / Enhancement

Curious about lip injections

Brandyj West Jordan, UT
3 months ago

I have been wanting to get lip injections for a while now to add volume as well as correct what I see as a lopsided top lip. My concern is I have prominent veins/blood vessels in both sides of top lip. They are visible is it safe to get injections still? I've read about the risk of injecting or hitting one and that has me afraid.

Nelson Castillo, MD Atlanta, GA
3 months ago

Thank you for sharing your excellent question. It is still possible to have your lips injected but you may wish to consider an injector who uses cannulas to minimize risk. Hope this helps.

Sutton Graham, II, MD Greenville, SC
3 months ago

You are right to consider safety in your quest to have more attractive lips. Hyaluronic acid filler products such as Juvederm or Restylane are excellent choices, and they are widely used by experienced injectors. Seek the setting of a board certified plastic surgeon rather than a med spa or mall provider. Ask about their credentials, and if a nurse injector is used, is the supervising physician in-house? Show them your prominent blood vessels and ask how they are protected during your proposed treatment. Ask the injector to discuss the vascular anatomy of the lip. Ask if they have the enzyme hyaluronidase on hand. If you are satisfied with their knowledge and expertise, your should be safe to go ahead and have lip enhancement.


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