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Eyelid Surgery

Cost of surgery

Marybeth Ketchum, ID
3 months ago

What is the cost of upper and lower eye lid surgery. I am 71 years young

71 is a great age to do blepharoplasty. Cost will vary by region and facility. In Alexandria, VA, The charge for upper and lower blepharoplasty done in our surgical center is $5500 plus anesthesia which is about )1200.

Good idea to have a basic eye exam within s year, and have your primary care doctor do a pre operative clearance.

Edward Domanskis, MD Newport Beach, CA
3 months ago

I usually do upper and lower blepharoplasty if the patient is in good health under local anesthesia in our certified operating room. The total cost is $6000.

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Costs will vary but could range from $4-7000.00. A recent eye exam and a medical clearance would be recommended. Best of luck.

Erika Malheiros, PhD Marilia, SP - Brazil
3 months ago

Hello Susan. The costs are around to $ 4,000 ...

Typical cost of blepharoplasty is $4000.00, this addresses both the upper and lower eyelids and refreshes the peri-orbital area very nicely.


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