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Breast Augmentation

Breast has has hardened

Margina Portland, TX
one month ago

Surgery for Saline implants approximately 10years ago, now one breast feels hard. Is replacement something to consider?

Paul Parker, MD Paramus, NJ
one month ago

It sounds as if you've developed capsular contracture of the breast. Surgery is performed to remove the implant and hardened scar tissue or capsule around it. The implants can then be replaced. Obtain a face to face consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who can examine you and discuss all of this in detail.

Curtis Wong, MD Redding, CA
one month ago

With changes in your breast characteristics, you really must see a local board certified plastic surgeon as an exam is needed to confirm your concerns and also to let you know of what options you have. So schedule your consultation and find out what is available to you.

Trent Douglas, MD San Diego, CA
one month ago

Thank for your question and doing your homework with ASPS member surgeons. Changes in your breast should be examined by a plastic surgeon and you should have a current mammogram or similar imaging study if you are in that age range. Capsular contracture can cause hardening in one or both breast implants. There are several treatment options so it is best to partner with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area to develop a treatment plan that is customized to your individual features, cosmetic goals, budget, and recovery timeline. The ASPS website has a "Find a Surgeon" feature to help facilitate finding properly trained and qualified plastic surgeon in your area.

Nelson Castillo, MD Atlanta, GA
one month ago

Thank you for sharing your excellent question. The scar tissue around your implant may have thickened or hardened and a revision procedure would be your best solution to restore a more supple, soft breast. Hope this helps.


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