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Tummy Tuck


9 months ago

Can a diabetic have a successful tummy tuck surgery...

Jeremy Sanderson, MD Flower Mound, TX
9 months ago

Definitely. Your surgeon may require you get a surgical clearance from your primary care physician, but as long as your blood sugar is well controlled you can absolutely have a tummy tuck surgery.

Shashidhar Kusuma, MD Plantation, FL
9 months ago

Of course Lisa. This is where the preoperative medical assessment and clearance process, education, proper intra operative execution of the procedure and anesthesia management, and meticulous post operative management will speak loud. This has to be a partnership among the surgeon, the patient and the primary care and anesthesia professionals to properly collaborate and manage the patient.

There are many patients who present with many situations. A well trained surgeon, with a well trained team and staff, and a compliant and diligent patient can go through this process very very successfully.

Gregory Dowbak, MD Miami, FL
9 months ago

Non insulin dependent diabetic with A1C less than 7.0 - acceptable risk. Insulin dependent diabetic - unacceptable risk

Rachel Scott, MD, FACS Danville, IN
9 months ago

Lisa, this is a great question. Your qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon will probably have their own specific criteria for undertaking an elective surgery like tummy tuck for their diabetic patients. This is all in the interest of keeping you as safe as possible and doing our best job to help minimize complications. Depending on the control that your diabetes may or may not be under, sometimes you may have a little "homework" to do in anticipation of surgery. The best bet is to ask your surgeon about it directly, find out what their criteria are, and if there is work to be done before surgery to make preparations as a team with your surgeon, your primary doctor and Endocrinology team. Best of luck!

Daniel Allan, MD Las Cruces, NM
9 months ago

In my opinion, an insulin-dependent diabetic should not be excluded so long as the diabetes is under good control. You can expect the operation to temporarily upset your sugars and require a (temporary) adjustment to your medication.

Donald Griffin, MD Nashville, TN
9 months ago

As long as your diabetes is under good control, your risk from a tummy tuck procedure is only slightly higher than in non-diabetics. If you have a normal A1C and tight glucose control, you are a reasonable candidate for this procedure.

Jon Ver Halen, MD Colleyville, TX
9 months ago

Hello and thank you for your excellent question. Yes, diabetic patients can successfully undergo tummy tuck surgery. However, your Hemoglobin A1C will need to be within an acceptable range, and you may require medical clearance. It is best to answer your question during a face-to-face evaluation, when you can discuss your goals and expectations for the procedure, and you can have a physical examination to evaluate for that procedure. I recommend that you find a board-certified, or board-eligible plastic surgeon with whom you are comfortable. Be sure to have all of your questions answered during a face-to-face meeting with your surgeon, and review before and after pictures of similar patients whom have had this procedure. If you have any questions, call our office for assistance. Good luck!

Ramasamy Lingappan, MD Madurai, TN - India
9 months ago

Definitely you can undergo tummy tuck surgery, provided your diabetes is under control. Tummy tuck ill remove excess fat and it may helpful in the diabetic control in the long run.

Mark Deutsch, MD Atlanta, GA
9 months ago

Yes, you can have an abdominoplasty if you are diabetic. The key is that your blood sugars are well controlled both before and after surgery. It is always a good idea to discuss your surgical plans with your primary care doctor (or whoever manages your diabetes) before the surgery.

Yes, a diabetic can have a successful tummy tuck surgery. I have performed many tummy tucks and other surgeries on both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic patients. The key is tight blood sugar control for upwards of 3-6 months prior to surgery. Your HgA1C levels MUST be close to normal (I have my patients aim for 7.0) before operating. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels before and after surgery put you at extremely high risk of complications such as infection, wound healing problems, and diabetic ketoacidosis. A thorough preoperative clearance by your primary care MD and/or your endocrinologist is mandatory as well as your commitment to diligently manage your blood sugars, especially in the postoperative period. Best wishes!


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