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Which areas of fat are targeted

Aashi Agarwal Hyderabad, BC - India
3 months ago

I’ve been advised Liposuction for my hips and thighs. I’ve visited 2 surgeons, where one says its okay to remove fat from inner thigh, outer thigh, front area and back of the thigh below buttocks (no buttocks). Whereas the other said, it’s not recommended or advised to perform liposuction on the front and backside of the thighs due to some (i don’t remember the name liquid) filling. Who is right?

Nelson Castillo, MD Atlanta, GA
3 months ago

Thank you for sharing your question. For most patients treatment of the front and inner/outer thighs is possible but the back of the thigh is usually spared due to attachments points of the skin. Hope this helps.

Guilherme Miranda De Freitas, MD Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil
3 months ago

Dear Hyderabad, it virtually possible to remove fat from almost all parts of the body by liposuction. However, we must observe the correct indication and aimed objective with the procedure. If your thighs have cumulated fat all surrounding, it should be indicated liposuction in front, lateral, inner and back. However in the back it should be careful not disrupt the skin ligaments (connections) that support the lower of the buttocks.

I hope it helps you.

Giovanni Betti, MD Huixquilucan, Méx. - Mexico
3 months ago

Dear Aashi,

Thank you for your question.

For the right patient is possible to remove/aspirate almost any part of the body if it has fat in excess. It is very important to use the right method and technology to do so, and also extremely important the surgeon expertise. Please ask your doctor to show you his results/cases.

I hope this is of help to you.


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