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Breast Augmentation

life of implants/breastfeeding

Alex77 fredericksburg, VA
one month ago

How long do breast implants last? I keep hearing 10 years, do you have to get them replaced in 10 years? What happens if you don’t? Can you see breastfeed with implants? Does it affect milk supply?

Troy Pittman, MD Washington, DC
one month ago

The implants do not need replacing just because they are 10 years old.

Susan Buenaventura, MD Alexandria, VA
one month ago

Hello Alex, there is no need to replace breast implants every 10 years. It is wise however to see your plastic surgeon every couple years for a check and keep your records current. Indications to replace or remove an implant would be a leakage, pain or a desire to change the size or remove them. You can breast feed with implants. It is best if they are placed under the muscle to keep the breast healthy. Milk supply should be fine with reasonably sized implants. I would recommend smooth round implants filled with saline or silicone. I am in Alexandria VA if you desire an in person consultation.

Steven Wallach, MD New York, NY
one month ago

There is no expiration date of an implant. However, implants should be checked regularly. They should not impact your breast feeding

Daniel Allan, MD Las Cruces, NM
one month ago

If you have silicon gel-filled implants you will need to have periodic imaging to check the integrity of the implants, since a leak of a gel implant may be silent. Currently, imaging is best done with a dedicated breast MRI. A leak of a saline filled implant is not a medical problem, because the saline is harmless and the body absorbs it and the kidneys excrete it. The operation should not affect your ability to nurse, although some women, with or without implants, are unable to do so. You can keep your implants for as long as you are not having a problem with them-you can die with your boobs on.

I have patients with implants for over 30 years without a problem. All my patients have been able to breast feed. All have been able to deliver the colosseum the initial milk to their babies. A woman is a allowed to change her mind, if you want to change or adjust your implants you can. Good luck...

Nelson Castillo, MD Atlanta, GA
one month ago

Thank you for sharing your excellent question. At this point if you are not having any issues related to your implants at 10 years then there is no need to have them replaced. If you were going to be able to breastfeed without implants, you should be able to breastfeed after implants. Talk to your surgeon in greater detail during your consultation. Hope this helps.

Adolfo Sesto, MD Santo Domingo, NC - Dominican Republic
26 days ago

The newest implants do not need to be change, old ones needed to be changed after ten years of its placement. And yes, is possible to breastfeed after a Breast Augmentation surgery. But have in mind that some women are not able to breastfeed even without having any surgery in their breasts.

Patients have heard the implants are good for 10 years. That is because previous implants had a 22% chance of needling replacement by 10 years. Therefore it was stated that you should understand they are not lifetime devices and may need to be replaced. Newer implants have about a 7% chance of reoperation by 10 years. I find the most common reason for replacement is due to changes in the breast, not the implant due to pregnancy, gravity, aging, and weight changes. You do not have to have them replaced if they are fine, and you have no issues or concerns.


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