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Is septal cartilage graft necessary

Leila san antonio, TX
3 months ago

I’m interest in getting rhinoplasty to reduce the width & tip of my nose to make it more narrow. I have thick skin with very wide, round nose tip. I saw 3 different plastic surgeons in my area but the most recent was 1st to mentioned septal cartilage graft in addition to rhinoplasty. Is this necessary to make the nose tip less round? I assumed that rhinoplasty alone would be sufficient. Thanks!

J. Gerald Minniti, MD Beverly Hills, CA
3 months ago

Structural rhinoplasty utilizing supporting grafts is the most effective way to achieve a desired and durable result. It does not impair aesthetic quality, or prevent achieving aesthetic goals, it enhances it.

Nelson Castillo, MD Atlanta, GA
3 months ago

Septal grafts is a routine part of rhinoplasty as the cartilage is used for support purposes during the healing process. The cartilage is typically used to help support the tip of the nose. Hope this helps.

Mario Carranza-Garcia, MD Monterrey, N.L. - Mexico
3 months ago

agree with both doctors the graft of deptal cartilage are used almost every rhynoplasty

Wendell Perry, MD Hollywood, FL
3 months ago

The -tip graph may be necessary because when you do to the cartilage graph it does not always show through the skin. So you have to overdo the change in the frame.

Adolfo Sesto, MD Santo Domingo, NC - Dominican Republic
3 months ago

Hi. Is really difficult to give you a recommendation without evaluating your nose at least by pictures. But from your description, and in my experience, I would recommend and L implant that will address all your nose corrections, it will define and project the nose bridge or dorsum, and will provide a better definition for your tip and open the angle between the lips and the tip of your nose. Of course cartilage modifications will be needed too.


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