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Body Contouring

Do I need lip? Fat transfer? Better fitness plan?

ninabambibambi Los Angeles, CA
3 months ago

Have a belly and scrawny arms/boobs/butt and no matter what weight just rests in my belly area and thighs. Healthy lifestyle/exercise with trainer. Is it a hormonal imbalance? I am considering a fat transfer. I can't lose any more weight because I'm already at an 18 BMI and cannot go lower or would lose myperiod.

Pictures (NSWF) can be seen here:

Wendell Perry, MD Hollywood, FL
3 months ago

Liposuction and or fat transfer is the perfect procedure for you. You are the perfect size and the perfect patient. Genetically you hold more your calories in the abdomen and waist the liposuction will decrease these areas of fat and a perfect liposuction will make the thickness of fat in the abdomen the same as the thickness in your legs arms back all over. This will let your curvy figure show. If you want an athletic look to the liposuction by itself if you want to curvy look then do the fat transfer.

Guilherme Miranda De Freitas, MD Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil
3 months ago

I agree you seem to be a good candidate to have a liposculpture. Your belly should be a good donor fat site, in order to proceed gluteal enhancement with your own fat and improve the abdominal shape at the same time.

Nelson Castillo, MD Atlanta, GA
3 months ago

Thank you for sharing your question. Unfortunately the link supplied does not pull up on Flickr, so I would recommend seeking out consultations with ASPS board certified plastic surgeons in your area who can recommend options at improving those body areas that bother you the most.


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