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Breast Reduction

Scar tissue or more Gynecomastia

EricLupardus45 lees summit, MO
one month ago

I had Gynecomastia surgery 3 months ago, I have had compression done and I have been doing massages on the scar tissue but I still have puffiness on my nipple and I still feel something there. Is gland that was never removed? I went back for a follow up like a month ago and my surgeon said it was just scar tissue and that it takes a while for it go down.

Barry Citron, MD, FACS West Orange, NJ
one month ago

It is very hard to comment not knowing what surgery was performed. There is more than one way to skin a cat and many good surgical techniques for treating gynecomastia. Treatments are individualized depending upon the quantity and quality of fat and glandular tissue present. In general we would not want to comment on postoperative care and a procedure performed by another surgeon because at best this would create confusion and at worst we might be giving you inaccurate, misleading or wrong information . If you still have questions whether or not breast tissue was removed, you should meet again with your surgeon. If your surgeon is unable to answer your questions to your satisfaction, you always have the option of discussing this at a consultation with another surgeon. Always choose a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Best wishes

Nelson Castillo, MD Atlanta, GA
one month ago

I agree that you should allow at least six months to pass but if your symptoms do not improve there may be room for improvement.

Sheryl Young, MD Leawood, KS
one month ago

I would recommend you follow up with your surgeon in 6 months.

Susan Buenaventura, MD Alexandria, VA
one month ago

Hello, gynecomastia does change and soften over time. Massage that you can do daily in the shower or at bedtime helps. It is good advice to wait because some firm areas will soften and flatten as they may be some fat necrosis. If after 6 months (you're halfway there) the nipple area is still puffy or feels like there is some glandular tissue there, a revision may benefit you to remove additional tissue. One of the worst problems can be over resecting the glandular tissue behind the nipple, so most surgeons try not to over do it. Hope that helps. Keep in close touch with your surgeon and keep massaging.

At 3 months after gynecomastia surgery it could be any of the following: continued swelling, scar tissue, residual breast tissue (especially if the surgery was only liposuction and no glandular resection), loose or redundant skin. Usually small revisions can be done under local, so if it still persists your original surgeon may be able to further improve at the lowest cost. He might recommend waiting longer depending on his or her examination. The only one that does not respond easily is loose or redundant skin and would require larger scars for resection.

Victoria Yongsook Suh, MD Fairfax, VA
one month ago

Hello. Your condition may be due to residual edema of the breast, post surgical scar tissue formation, residual breast tissue, or redundant skin. These conditions may take up to 6 months to resolve. During this difficult time of waiting, I recommend massaging the area 2-3 times daily and silicone gel sheet compression of the area. With the silicone gel application, you need to take care not to compress the area too much. If after full 6 months, you are concerned, then, consult with your surgeon for possible revisions or other treatment methods of improvement. I wish you all the best.


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