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Program qualifications for domestic abuse candidates

Hello on 9/23/2013 I had gastric bypass surgery. I went from 228 to 118. I have been to three plastic surgeons but my insurance will not cover it. I’ve just come out of an 28 years abusive relationship some domestic abuse which I never reported but my son witnessed. I also have been disabled since 2008 from all the psychological and mental abuse I was wondering how do I get information.

Milka Ortiz Land O' Lakes, FL
3 months ago

Category: Body Contouring

Tracy McCall, MD Waukesha, WI
3 months ago

Any discount available would be specific to the office. I do not know of any office that offers a program for domestic abuse survivors. You should look for a plastic surgery residency program as they will offer cosmetic surgery at a discounted rate. The residents are overseen by professors of plastic surgery. There will still be a cost, but this is one way to reduce the amount you would need to pay.

Mark Constantian, MD Nashua, NH
3 months ago

That’s good advice, Milka. You probably know that your previous obesity is a direct result of your trauma. I’ve just written a book about childhood trauma and plastic surgery. You deserve a lot of credit. The scars are deep, and I have been there myself. I hope you are getting good treatment, like Somatic Experiencing, in which people are trained all of over the country. Good luck!


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