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Scar revision

CFernandez Gaithersburg, MD
one month ago

I have an indented scar from an appendectomy that I got over 25 years ago. Can that be fixed? I don't mind having a scar, I just hate how mine goes in so much!

Frank Agullo, MD El Paso, TX
one month ago

The scar can be made to pop out by a simple technique called subcision under local anesthesia or if you also want to improve the appearance of the scar then a simple revision under local.

Steven Wallach, MD New York, NY
one month ago

It is likely that your scar can be revised. You would have to be seen in person to be properly evaluated. Good luck.

Rahul Vemula, MD Wall Township, NJ
one month ago

Thanks for this very excellent question. The scar can definitely be revised. You need to be examined to figure out how to best revise. At times some people opt to combine the revision with other procedures such as liposuction or a tummy tuck. Please meet with a board certified plastic surgeon who can determine what procedures are best to achieve your goals.

Barry Citron, MD, FACS West Orange, NJ
one month ago

Scar revision of an appendectomy scar is very common. My colleagues, ASPS member board certified plastic surgeons, as a group are uniquely qualified to help you out with that. Best wishes.

Susan Buenaventura, MD Alexandria, VA
one month ago

Hello, absolutely your scar can be fixed. It can be done in the operating room with you asleep or possibly under local anesthesia, depending on your surgeon's opinion. Most often the entire scar will be excised, then re-closed with dissolvable sutures. You will still have a scar, but it won't be indented and is much less noticeable when it is flat. I would encourage you to see an ASPS plastic surgeon near you. Actually I am in Alexandria, VA, not too far from Gaithersburg. Best wishes.

Appendectomy scars can be improved in several ways. The cheapest might be to reexcise and close which could be done under local anesthesia in the office. If there is extra fat but not loose skin liposuction could make the area flatter. And if there is loose skin a tummy tuck would remove the scar, but place a longer one lower and less depressed. Of course patients who form poor quality scars may do it again with reexcision.

Nelson Castillo, MD Atlanta, GA
one month ago

Thank you for sharing your excellent question. Most likely the scar can be surgically revised so as to minimize or eliminate the indented appearance. Hope this helps.

James Chappell, MD Annapolis, MD
one month ago

Yes, scar revision can significantly improve it. When appendectomy is performed there can be a lot of pulling in the skin edges, and the fat below it. This can cause tissue damage and thus bad scarring. In addition, the scar may have stuck down to the underlying muscle, which is why it can get indented. If one has gained weight in that same area (very common area to gain weight), the fat plumps up the skin around the scar and just compounds the problem. If scar revision alone won’t fix it, liposuction of the area can help. If there is too much loose skin, tummy tuck would. Find a reputable board certified plastic surgeon in your area. They should be able to give you the best advice. Good luck to you.

Yes, the scar can very likely be improved by direct excision and freeing up the edges of the skin. Depending upon how much scarring there was the scar may need to be lengthened but the indentation can definitely be improved. Best of Luck

Mark Domanski, MD Fairfax, VA
one month ago

Hi C Cernandez!

Think of scars as three dimensional. Because the incision extends to the abdominal muscle, after healing the scar extends that deep as well. All scars involve some contracture. This makes sense as back in the day, if we were bit by an animal, the body would heal the wound by contracture to decrease the size of the wound. So your appendectomy scar has contracted - exactly as the body has intended - but not the way you would like.

To revise such a scar, the prior scar could be excised, and then re-sutured in layers. A layered closure decreases the "dead space" under the wound and should reduce contracture.

I would be happy to evaluate you in person. My office is where I-495 intersects route 50. 703-596-1660. Mention this post and we will waive the consult fee. Best of luck!

Michael Vincent, MD Rockville, MD
one month ago

Yes, it would be very likely that you would be able to see some improvement (especially in the way the scar goes in so much) with a local scar revision. This is typically done in the office using local anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. You would need to take it easy for the first 1-2 weeks to minimize the pulling of the site. A plastic surgeon would need to see you in person to provide their best advice. Any plastic surgeon who is board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and a member of ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) should have the expertise to take care of you. Best wishes,

Michael Vincent

MD FACS Rockville, MD

Although I have not seen the scar, they are usually pretty easy to fix and most likely can be done in the office. I would suggest you consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area.


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