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Body Contouring

Calf augmentation

Bitb20 Philadelphia, PA
8 days ago

I am quite embarrassed as I was blessed with quite skinny legs..I am so self conscious...I have a lot of space between ankle and calf...the area is so thin...I read something about fat injections but wasnt sure if it worked???

I'm guessing someone somewhere has done it. We can graft fat virtually anywhere. There could be some before and after pictures on the internet that show a reasonable result. However the potential for problems, especially uneven contour of the ankle that would be difficult to correct is high. Another potential problem could be swelling (edema) of the feet. Increasing calf muscle mass by exercise should not be overlooked as a cost effective and physiologic first step to approach your issues. Best wishes.

If for some reason exercise to build your calf muscles is not an option for you, within the next few weeks EMSCULPT will be delivering new smaller applicators designed for treating arms, thighs and calves. EMSCULPT is a device that builds muscle through passive exercise.

Rahul Vemula, MD Wall Township, NJ
8 days ago

Calf augmentation can be done with either fat grafting, implants or a combination of both. There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine which procedures are best to achieve your goals.

Best wishes!

Nelson Castillo, MD Atlanta, GA
7 days ago

Thankyou for sharing your excellent question. Options at improving calf size would include fat grafting, solid silicone implant placement and the use of dermal fillers. The best treatment can only be determined with an in-person examination of your specific tissues.

I have seen a number of patients with the same concern that you have. I have used calf implants which are very effective at improving the calf contour. I have used Radiesse for one patient several times with definitive improvement. Fat grafting is a great idea , however results are tentative, but definitive. See an experienced board certified plastic surgeon in consultation. Good luck.

Mark Solomon, MD Bala Cynwyd, PA
7 days ago

Calf augmentation is a fairly common procedure. Most often, patients need an implant to provide enough volume to correct the problem. In addition, muscle is more firm than fat so fat grafting may not provide the proper "feel" to the area. Your best option is to see a plastic surgeon with experience performing calf augmentation. Be sure to see a surgeon who is a member of the America Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Great question, and there are many options. I would suggest you find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area to help come create a plan specific to your body type.

Best advice is to obtain a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon experienced in calf augmentation. They can examine you, then discuss treatment options with you.


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