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Lip vermilion border scar

Somi ferns South Goa - India
10 months ago

My 1 yr old baby scrapped his upper lip vermilion border (on the M shape) due to fall. The scar is 2 months old. There isn't any hard tissue. But the scrap has left the lip without border on ^ which makes the scar very noticeable and changed the shape of lip. The scar has turned lighter than the lip colour n shiny sometimes. Is there any treatment to restore the vermilion border n colour. I am anx

Jeremy Sanderson, MD Flower Mound, TX
10 months ago

Hi, I'm sorry that happened to your baby. Scars may take one to two years to mature, so do not be in a hurry to do anything aggressive to try to make the scar look better quickly. I would make sure the scar does not get any significant sun exposure for the next year and keep the lip and skin moisturized. Be patient, the appearance will most likely improve with time.

Arun Rao, MD Tucson, AZ
10 months ago

Thank you for your question. I am sorry that your child hurt themselves. It takes up to a year to know the final result of any scar. I would recommend applying sunscreen to the area to prevent differential tanning of the scar. If it does persist I would wait until your child is older before pursuing treatment.

Gregory Dowbak, MD Miami, FL
10 months ago

Very sorry to hear about injury to your child. Agree with all of above. Should it become necessary to consider surgical intervention, suggest going to member of this Society who does lots of cleft lip repairs and is trained in laser surgery as there are lasers that can “erase” or “vaporize” any intrusion of red lip on white (or tan) upper lip without leaving wound (or scar). Our prayers are with you and your child

Jon Ver Halen, MD Colleyville, TX
9 months ago

Dear Somi Ferns,

Hello and thank you for your excellent question. As a parent, I can certainly understand your concern. Have you been evaluated by a plastic surgeon? It may be best to see one now, as there may be some intervention that could be performed now. Otherwise, I agree with the other comments on this thread -- it takes a year or longer for scars to mature, so you need to be patient. Good luck!


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