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Hooded almond eyes for men with plastic surgery?

So I would like to know if plastic surgery can create hooded almond eye shaped eyes? And another question. Can plastic surgery turn deep set eyes into prominet eyes?

ahmedasked aachen, DE - Germany
3 months ago

Category: Eyelid Surgery

Michael Law, MD Raleigh, NC
2 months ago


A lateral canthopexy can lift the corners of the eye and can give a more almond shaped appearance in people with laxity in the lower lids. This procedure should be done very conservatively to prevent a strange cat-like appearance.

Fat grafting of the brow / upper lid junction, in the right patient with hollowed upper eyelids can provide a wonderful, natural looking result that can make a man or woman look more vibrant and youthful. This procedure will not make deep set eyes appear more prominent.


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