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5 months ago
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can I get a septum piercing 12 years post nose job?

Hi! I had a nose job 12 years ago (shaved down, and took my tip up so it didn’t droop). I wanted to get a septum piercing but wanted to make sure I wasn’t risking my nose getting infected/collapsing/damaging scar tissue. I’ve never had this piercing before.

Thank you

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John Borkowski Middletown, CT
5 months ago
ASPS Surgeon

Your risk of complications is the same as if you did not have a rhinoplasty as long as the surgeon did not have to use cartilage grafts to support the tip. He or she would have told you that they would be performing that type of procedure. Because of scar tissue, this may make the piercing slightly more difficult depending on where in your septum the piercing will be placed. Most are not through the cartilage part of the septum or the end of your nose, but through the soft tissue between them. Good luck,

Nelson Castillo Atlanta, GA
5 months ago
ASPS Surgeon

Thank you for sharing your question. Your risks of a piercing should not change based on your previous rhinoplasty.


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