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Capsular contractor

I believe my right breast implant has capsular contractor. I'm interested in having the Aspen treatment done.

JamiLH Victoria, TX
29 days ago

Category: Breast Augmentation

Wendell Perry, MD Hollywood, FL
28 days ago


I have seen the Aspen treatment work. It may be worth a try

J. Gerald Minniti, MD Beverly Hills, CA
28 days ago

It does not help when ABPS certified surgeons give anecdotal evidence (‘I seen it work’), that is not helpful and can be misleading to the public. Aspen method has no evidence to show efficacy, with no published scientific papers. Most people ‘don’t see it work’ based on what I’ve heard, which is, of course, anecdotal. CC is a pathology that is only reliably treated with surgery, preferably by a surgeon who specializes in revision breast surgery.

Nelson Castillo, MD Atlanta, GA
28 days ago

Thank you for sharing your question. Unfortunately I do not feel that minimally invasive treatments, like Aspen, work. Depending on severity of contracture, a revision of your surgery is most likely the best treatment.

Michael Streitmann, MD Houston, TX
28 days ago


Thank you for your question. I would suggest going back to the surgeon who did your surgery or look for another Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area to examine and determine your best option and whether you need treatment.

Soumo Banerji, MD Houston, TX
27 days ago

If you look at the Aspen treatment website, you will see that there a number of preventative measures that many plastic surgeons already do. Once the contracture has already developed, the surgery they describe is the same surgery plastic surgeons have been performing for decades to treat capsular contracture. I recommend that you consult with a Board Certified plastic surgeon to get an idea of the best option for you.

Tania Medina, MD Arroyo Hondo, Santo Domingo, BR - Dominican Republic
27 days ago


Hello dear! The most important thing is to find a board certified plastic surgeon that can help you witu your issue.

Leopoldo Lapuerta, MD Pearland, TX
25 days ago


Would be happy to see you. Please bring any records that you may have . I am located in Houston, tx and treat capsular contraction

Jon Harrell, DO, FACS Weston, FL
6 days ago


The Aspen treatment is attractive since it does not involve surgery. However, if you don't live near their office in South Florida then you must find a surgeon who has been trained in their technique and has the appropriate equipment and staff to perform the procedure. I have had limited experience with the technique but it may be helpful in mild early contracture. However, as pointed out by others there is limited proof of its ability to help in older, more established capsular contractures. Surgery is the gold standard for treating capsular contracture in my opinion. Best of Luck Dr Harrell


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