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In house financing

I'm looking for a well known surgeon that will consider in-house financing,no 3rd party involved. Some percentage of the total procedure amount down and also establish a monthly payment of the remaining balance that could be deducted directly from my bank account.

I've shopped around just to be educated on the needed surgeries, and came to find out I will need breast lift then augmentation.

Dianaa College park, MD
28 days ago

Category: Breast Lift

Barry Citron, MD, FACS West Orange, NJ
28 days ago


Many plastic surgeons work with Care Credit or similar companies that provide financing for medical procedures. You might be asking for something different. Asking your surgeon to take a note of credit from you, acting as your surgeon and moneylender is undesirable. Best wishes.

Ajay Kumar, MD Catonsville, MD
28 days ago

Congratulations on your research and understanding that you would like to proceed with a breast lift / augmentation. Most surgeons offices are not set up for financing and will go thru a third party as you have found out.

While we also offer care credit, I do advise my patients to go thru a credit union with a reasonable interest rate or we even allow patients to make a payment towards their procedure and can have it once the total payment is reached. This will avoid going thru a third party but you will have to wait till you have collected the total amount.

My office is in Catonsville , MD and another in Columbia, MD. Please feel free to call me for any questions at 410-744-0900

Nelson Castillo, MD Atlanta, GA
27 days ago

Thank you for sharing your question. Unfortunately with the inherent risk of such a request most practices do not offer in-house financing and prefer to use a company like CareCredit. You would need to talk to each practice you are interested in, however, to see if they would extend this courtesy to you. Best wishes!

Lori Cherup, MD Bridgeville, PA
27 days ago


Dianaa: No one board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery will do that. Why should they? Do you go to the grocery store and then ask them to delay their payment while you eat their food?

Makes no sense. Get a job and find a way to pay for the surgery you will benefit from.

Lori L. Cherup MD FACS


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