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4 months ago
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Very Old Hard Breast Implants

I'm a 65yr old trans woman living below poverty level in Houston TX with no income other than disability for rent and no means to pay for surgery. I had breasts implanted in 1983. They are now hard and incapsulated. I have been treated for Hep C and am now cured. Have some auto immune problems and believe perhaps rupture or leakage from implants makes it worse.

Any information appreciated.

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Rahul Vemula Wall Township
4 months ago Edited
ASPS Surgeon
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Sorry to hear of your situation. There are many fine teaching institutions i the greater Houston Area that have plastic surgery residency programs. You may be able to get into a charity clinic at these institutions such as Baylor, UT Houston, or Methodist. I would call the plastic surgery depts at these hospitals and see if they have such clinics where you can get evaluated by the plastic surgery resident team. You will be in good hands under the care of a resident team as a chief resident who is about to graduate usually performs the surgery under the guidance of a board certified plastic surgeon.

Best wishes!

Nelson Castillo Atlanta, GA
4 months ago Edited
ASPS Surgeon

Thank you for sharing your excellent question. I would recommend seeking out local plastic surgery training programs that may have resident clinics that can be of assistance through charity care. Best wishes.


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