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7 months ago
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I have ocular and base of skull migraines that radiate into neck. Discovered syringomyelia and spinal tumors. Tried double mastectomy to remove weight but PS reconstructed to even larger breast size (DD, now F), despite instructions for a flat chest. Absence of breast weight helped but back at square 1. Would I be a candidate for migraine surgery and where can I find a surgeon in PA?

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Curtis Wong Redding, CA
7 months ago
ASPS Surgeon

If you truly wanted to be flat, its simple to remove your implants in the office under local. Would try that before doing anything else for your migraines if you are convinced that your large breasts are making your problems worse. I am doubtful removing them will resolve your migraines. Consider getting Botox to your 'trigger' points as an alternative.


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