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ASPS CustomConnect - Patient Acquisition eBooklet

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Product Description

ASPS CustomConnect Patient Acquisition eBooklet is a lead generation tool you can use to support your practice through email marketing. CustomConnect is a professionally designed and customizable color practice brochure that prospects can download from your website. When a prospect makes a request for your brochure, their email address is captured and sent to you for use in your email marketing campaigns.

Here's how it works:

• A Download Brochure link is provided to you to add to your website page.

• When a prospect clicks this link they will be asked to fill out a form to include contact information and which cosmetic procedures they are interested in.

• An email is immediately sent to the prospect which includes a downloadable PDF of your customized practice brochure.

• The prospects information and email address is immediately sent to your office to confirm the download was requested.

• Add this prospect email address to your database to use in all your marketing efforts.

It’s that Fast and Easy! Get a jump on the competition and connect with prospects in a more personalized way.

Create your own email marketing strategies to send personalized email messages:

• Answer questions about procedures

• Say thank you – for the inquiry, referral, interest in viewing your practice

• Influence decision making

• Make an announcement – share news about you and your practice

• Deliver supporting and trending topics

• Send incentives for referrals

• Offer Sales or Discounts

Design features of CustomConnect:

• Choose a design option based on two template models, traditional or contemporary.

• Unique practice information is placed prominently on the inside front cover

• Your custom eBooklet will Include only cosmetic procedures you perform

• Brochure pages include procedural drawings, risks and results, and the importance of choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon

Choose a design style:

Traditional Layout


Modern Layout

Modern Version

What you need to provide for your customized brochure:

Up to two photos of your choice

Your Practice logo

Your Practice philosophy

Your Office information – up to 5 separate locations

The cosmetic procedures* you want to include in your eBooklet

*When you choose the procedures you want included in your brochure, the prospect will see detailed illustrations and educational information describing the procedure.

Refreshing your Content:

You can refresh your content and images as many times as you would like, however each refresh costs $150. In order to maintain an up-to-date eBooklet, you must refresh your content at least once every 3 years from the date of most the recent refresh.

CustomConnect Supports Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons

Thousands of consumers have downloaded this booklet through the ASPS "Lives We Touch" campaign, which featured nationally televised commercials educating the public on the importance of choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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