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2016 AAHS / ASPN / ASRM - All Annual Meeting Recordings Package

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Order all recordings from the 2016 AAHS / ASPN / ASRM Annual Meeting!     

More than 50 lectures and panels were recorded at the AAHS / ASPN / ASRM Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona in January 2016 and will be available online to you in March via your "My PSEN / My Courses" area on PSEN. The recordings are video streams that you can watch at any time while connected to PSEN. You will retain access to these recordings indefinitely. 

The finalized recording schedule includes:


-Use of Vascularized Bone Grafting in the Wrist and Hand
-Forearm Flaps for Hand Reconstruction: Choosing the Best Option
-Brachial Plexus Injuries: How a Team Approach can Help Maximize Treatment
-Arthoplasties of the PIP-Joint
-Optimizing Treatment of Elbow Acute Fractures and Failed Surgery: Surgical and Rehabilitative Options
-Current Concepts in Dupuytren's Disease
-Reconstruction of the Burned Hand
-What were you THinking? Difficult Cases Transferred from OSH...
-Myth Busters 101
-Small Joint Arthoscopy
-PIP Central Slip and Nerve Transfers
-Basal Joint
-Nerve Transfers: New Techniques and New Applications
-Diagnostic and Interventional Ultrasound of the Wrist and Hand
-Complications of the Distal Radius Fractures
-targeted Muscle Reinnervation
-Scratch Collapse Test
-And More!

ASRM Recordings:

-YMG Forum: Working with Industry
-Functional Reconstruction with Vascularized Bone and Multi-Component (Chimeric) Flaps after Tumor and Trauma  
-Free Functional Muscle Transfer Face, Upper Extremity
-Orthoplastic Approach to Extremity Trauma
-Scalp Reconstruction
-Innovation in Microsurgery and Reconstruction
-President’s Invited Panel: Occupational Hazards of Microsurgery
-Facial Palsy – Different Generations
-IMSS Panel Microsurgical Training and Evaluation
-Reconstruction of the Nipple Spared Mastectomy Defect
-Wound Healing Centers – Do I Need One and How Do I Make It Work?
-And More!

AAHS / ASPN / ASRM Joint Panels:

-Failed Nerve Surgery: Management of Complications
-Complications of Mangled Extremities
-Use of Peripheral Nerve Transfers in Tetraplegia, Transverse Myelitis and Other Central Nervous Syndrome Diseases
-Sensory Innervated Flaps
-Complications in Nerve Reconstruction
-Combined Panel: "Mind the Gap"
-What I Know Now that I Wish I Knew Then
-Quality in the Era of Healthcare Reform and Accountability?

* In certain instances, faculty opted not to be recorded. In these situations, the talks by the other presenters will still be offered.

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