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2017 AAHS / ASPN / ASRM - All Annual Meeting Recordings Package

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Order all recordings from the 2017 AAHS / ASPN / ASRM Annual Meeting!     

More than 60 lectures and panels will be recorded at the AAHS / ASPN / ASRM Annual Meeting in Hawaii in January 2017 and will be available to you online in March via your "My PSEN / My Courses" area on PSEN. The recordings are video streams that you can watch at any time while connected to PSEN. You will retain access to these recordings indefinitely. 

The finalized recording schedule includes:


-AAHS/ASPN Joint Panel: Complications of Elective Peripheral Nerve Surgery
-Applications of Peripheral Nerve Surgical Techniques after Spinal Cord Injury and Other CNS Disorders
-ASPN Presidential Address: Top 10 Nerve Problems I Would Like To See Solved
-Combined Panel: Reconstructive Surgery - Are We Worth It?
-Complications Associated with Vascular Injury and Vasculopathy of the Upper Extremity
-Complications of Nerve Transfer vs. Tendon Transfer
-Complications in Managing the Mangled Hand
-Complications of Upper Extremity Tumor Surgery
-Complications of Wrist Surgery
-Danyo Lecture: Healthcare Reform; the Promise and the Reality
-Facial Reanimation
-Failed Fingertip Injuries: How to Manage?
-Failed Phalangeal and Metacarpal Fracture Management
-Indications, Techniques and Complications in Distal Radius Fracture Management
-Invited Guest Lecture: Individualized Medicine: A View at the Crossroads of Promise and Practice
-Invited Guest Speaker: Man's Inhumanity to Man
-Invited Guest Speaker: New Attempts in Nerve Transfers
-Lessons Learned from a Pediatric Hand Surgeon
-Lymphatic Surgery
-Management of Acute Nerve Injury
-MCP and PIP Arthroplasty: The Good, Bad and Ugly
-Neonatal Brachial Plexus - Management and Outcomes
-Panel I: Surgical Error: Wrong Site, Side, Person, or Procedure
-Panel II: New Applications for Nerve Transfers
-Panel II: Worst Complications
-Panel III: Patient Safety
-Panel III: Study Designs for Specific Peripheral Nerve Controversies
-Panel IV: Iatrogenic Nerve Injury
-Presidential Address: In the Event of a Water Landing… Use Your Seat Cushion
-The Challenge of Solving Boutonniere and Swan Neck Deformities: What We’ve Learned from our Mistakes
-Thumb CMC Arthritis: Avoiding Complications in Management
-Treatment for Peripheral Nerve Pain Syndromes
-Updates from the Lab about Nerve Regeneration
-Updates in Management of Entrapment Neuropathies
-Updates in Management of Neuropathic Pain After Trauma or Latrogenic Injury
-When Reconstructions Fail or are Unsalvageable: Use of Spare Parts

ASRM Recordings:
All ASRM Meeting Registrants will receive this package for free as part of their registration bundle.

-ASLS Lymphedema Surgery Panel
-ASRM Godina Lecture
-ASRM Keynote Lecture
-ASRM President's Invited Lecture
-Autologous Reconstruction Following Nipple-Sparing Mastectomies
-Beyond the DIEP: Alternative Perforator Flaps for Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction
-Breast Reconstruction for Advanced Stage Breast Cancer
-Combined Panel: Reconstructive Surgery - Are We Worth It?
-Creative Solutions in Head and Neck Reconstruction
-Disasters of the Masters
-Extremity Sarcoma 101: Achieving Excellence in Outcomes
-Fifty Shades of Gy: Autologous Breast Reconstruction and Radiation
-Functional Head and Neck Reconstruction
-Gender Confirming Surgery for Microsurgeons
-How to do the fastest DIEP
-Microsurgical Education
-Microsurgical Management of Lower Extremity Trauma
-Microsurgical Reconstruction of the Pelvis, Spine and Sacrum
-New Technology for the Microsurgeon
-Optimizing Aesthetics of Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction
-Reconstruction of the Neurocranium and Microsurgical Extracranial-to-Intracranial Arterial Bypass
-Salvage After Recurrence or Failure in Head and Neck Reconstruction
-Secondary Autologous Breast Reconstruction Revisions
-Social Media Beyond Marketing - Malice and Medicolegal Implications
-The Economics of Making Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction Successful
-YMG Forum: On the Hot seat: How would you handle this complication?
-YMG Panel: Life After Residency -- Should You Do A Microsurgery Fellowship?
-Complications of Nerve Transfer vs. Tendon Transfer
-Facial Reanimation
-Updates in Management of Entrapment Neuropathies
-Lymphatic Surgery
-Complications in Managing the Mangled Hand


Visit PSEN for more information:

* In certain instances, faculty opted not to be recorded. In these situations, the talks by the other presenters will still be offered.

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