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2021 Informed Consent Bundle v1

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Informed consent documents give patients information about treatment options and allow them to select the option that best fits their goals and values. These Word documents define the benefits and risks of that surgery and explain alternative treatment options. The informed consent process considers several important factors, such as the patients&%2339; needs and preferences and patient education.

Each of the 90 different forms in the ASPS 2021 Informed Consent Bundle Version 1 provides language that helps protect plastic surgeons and their practice. They include new user-friendly information about the general risks of surgery, as well as procedure-specific risks. The forms provide simple language that allows patients to better understand the information presented by the surgeon. This version contains the updated ADM off-label and labiaplasty language.

The ASPS 2021 Informed Consent Bundle Version 1 is divided into seven categories – from body, breast, face, hand, skin, spa, gender affirmation surgery and general risks of surgery to templates and miscellaneous forms. You will need these forms whether you are new to practice or have been practicing for years. Don&%2339;t wait, order them today!

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