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2021 ASPS International Exam (ASPSIE)

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The American Society of Plastic Surgeons announces the release of the ASPS International Exam (ASPSIE). This self-assessment allows you to test your plastic surgery knowledge with questions from across the core curriculum of plastic surgery. A high-quality exam, the ASPSIE is crafted and vetted by experts in plastic surgery and features 180 plastic surgery-focused questions on the topics of breast and cosmetic, hand and extremity, craniomaxillofacial and comprehension. The ASPSIE is available from the convenience of your office or home, around the clock, via the ASPS Education Network.

The International Exam will remain open from August 2021 through December 2023 and will provide multiple attempts to earn the highest score, while providing a certificate of completion for the 2021-2022 exam year.


With successful completion of the ASPSIE, examinees will receive a Certificate of Completion.


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