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Case Report: Pre-Pectoral Breast Reconstruction with Immediate Mastopexy

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A pleasant 46-year-old female with diagnosis of left breast cancer who had previously met with the breast oncology and breast surgery teams with a plan to proceed with bilateral mastectomy and postoperative treatment with tamoxifen. She has had no previous radiation therapy. She presents to discuss options for reconstruction. She is interested in implant-based reconstruction. Her current size is a D-cup and prefers to remain the same size. She is otherwise healthy. She denies a history of smoking. She denies a history of DVTs or being on blood thinners.

Authors:  Valeria P. Bustos, MD;  Samyd S. Bustos, MD; Joseph E. Escandón, MD;  Minh-Doan T. Nguyen, MD; Howard Langstein, MD;  Kristin A. Skinner, MD; and Oscar J. Manrique, MD, FACS

Subspecialty: Breast

 The content and CPT codes included in this case report are accurate up to and on the publication date. Please note that CPT codes may change; and the ones included are specific to this case  at the time of publication.  It is recommended that you check with the appropriate coding resources for the most current codes and application.

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